Telescopic props

Jack posts are telescopic tubular steel props consisting of two primary parts, the main part of the post, and the jack screw or other adjustable fitting on one or both ends. Both ends are normally fitted with flat metal plates on the end, providing additional support area. A recent improvement to Acrow props was to shape this baseplate with notches, allowing pallet loads of horizontal props to be stacked neatly, rather than randomly piled.

Most jack posts are split in two near the middle, with the upper end carrying the jack designed to slide within the lower portion. Gross adjustment for length is first made by pulling a pin and sliding the two sections within each other until they almost fill the gap, inserting the pin to lock them, then using the screw to close any remaining gap. Other designs used two threaded pipes instead of sliding sections, ratechetting or clamping sections, or other similar concepts to lock the system at a specific length.

Jack posts are mostly used for shoring: temporary supports during building repair or alteration work, rather than scaffolding: access platforms for workers. A typical use is to support an existing horizontal beam while its original masonry supports are removed or repaired. When masonry itself is to be supported, holes are first knocked through the brickwork and a strong ‘needle’ or ‘strongboy’ is placed through the hole. A pair of props are then used, one under each end. Existing windows or doorways may also be supported directly, or via needles. As the plates on the end of the posts are typically small, they offer little sideways support. If there is any sideways force, props should be strutted or ‘laced’ with scaffolding poles.

Metal props, their size, strength and construction, are now described by a British Standard BS4074: 1982.[3] A similar lightweight European prop design exists, these have a maximum capacity of only 5 kilonewtons (1,100 lbf).

Props are made in a range of five BS standard sizes:

size 0 from 3.5 feet (1.1 m) to 6 feet (1.8 m),
size 1 from 5.75 feet (1.75 m) to 10.25 feet (3.12 m),
size 2 from 6.5 feet (2.0 m) to 11 feet (3.4 m),
size 3 from 8 feet (2.4 m) to 13 feet (4.0 m),
size 4 from 10.5 feet (3.2 m) to 16 feet (4.9 m).

Telescopic Prop are most ideal and economical method of support for all kind of formwork to slab, Beams, Walls and Column. Made out of 40 NB & 50 NB MS tubes confirming to IS 1161/1239. Their ability to adjust to wide range of height variation, have and them indispensable to construction industry.

Inner OD – 48.3 MM
Outer OD – 60.3 MM
Base Plate – 150x150x6 MM
Top – U Head or Base Plate
Nut – Malleable Casting

Props eliminates cost of skilled labour and timber wastage.
Props are adjustable to various height requirement.
Quickly and early erected by unskilled Labour.
Prop are easy to Handle and can be used time and time again.
Compact design for economical transportation and storage.
No loose parts to be lost or mislaid.
No more lost pins and broken claims.

Adjustable Telescopic Prop is one of the ideal, most economical & important part of shuttering system to support all kind of formwork to slabs, beams, walls and columns. It is fabricated out of ‘B’ Class steel tubes and is in two parts i.e. Prop Outer & Prop Inner, the outer is fabricated out of 50NB (60 mm OD) tube having threaded/slotted top end, a malleable CI nut with handle for finer adjustment; the bottom is provided with welded 150X150X6 mm MS Flat Base Plate. The Prop Inner is fabricated out of 40NB (48 mm OD) tube having holes at a regular interval of 150 mm. The end is provided with welded U/ Flat or Beam Head. These props are available as per the following specifications.

telescopic and push-pull props support virtually every construction project – literally and figuratively. The integration of hand and drop-out protection makes them safe in use, they feature high-quality construction, and every component is completely hot-dip galvanised.
for use in residential, commercial and utility construction as well as industrial applications. Their long service life
also makes telescopic and push-pull props a financially safe investment.

Standard Telescopic Props specifications:

Construction features:
Tubes: steel grade S235JR
Internal tube: ø 48,3 mm
External tube: ø 56 or 57 mm
Pin: Ø 12 mm
No crushing of the hand
Patented inner tube stop

The safe load for each prop is a maximum of 35 kilonewtons (7,900 lbf), reducing slightly when props are fully extended, or by up to half when the load is not perfectly vertical.

Reference standards:
Production: DPR 164/56 Art. 7
Tubes: UNI EN10219-1/2
Hot-dip galvanisation: UNI EN 40
Electrolytic galvanization: UNI EN12329
Croatian certificate

Packaging & Shipping

The usual packing way is 50-60 pcs/bundle with steel strip.
Or according to the requirements of customer.