Shelves & Archives


Wall Mount Shelving

This shelving is installed by mounting the column on the wall at different heights. Screw and nut are not required to install shelves. Easily mobile, this shelving is available in metal, glass and MDF and in various colors.

Set shelving Merging

This shelving is formed by merging double sided and single sided shelves to economize available space. This unit is built to fit the middle space of stores.


  • Kardex rotating vertical archive shelving worked on the basis of automatic rotation and enables user’s fast and easy access.
  • Usable in all environments (administrative spaces, offices)
  • With such features as space and time saving
  • Increased speed of accessing and storing documents
  • Improved engineering and raised efficiency

  • Conformity with diverse requirements of users
  • Capable of connection to urban power grid
  • Raised document security
  • Capable of connection to computer for programming
  • Enjoying fire extinguishing systems
  • Specifications: 9-17 shelves
  • Average access time: 5-8 seconds
  • Unloaded weight: 908-1428 kg

Fixed Shelving

This office storing system is designed to fit light loads. Removal of screw and nut connectors, and replacement thereof with tenon and mortise joints, diversity of available sizes, fineness and beauty of shelf are among main features of these office systems. This shelf has many applications in shops, warehouses, and offices. Enjoying aesthetic elements, this product is used as home furniture as well. The holes embedded on the columns of this system allow user to change distances between shelves and to increase the number of shelves easily.

Shelving Drawer

  • In drawer type which consists of a fixed raw (usually placed next to wall) and a mobile raw (in front of fixed raw), the number of openings of fixed raw, which is one more than that of mobile raw, results in increased usable space of different places. Users of this product range from small shops like pharmacies and bookshops to archive, registration, administrative, academic centers, and spare part warehouses. Two other features of the product are keeping documents from general visibility and accessibility and possibility of merging this product with products.

Mobile Shelving

  • This shelving system with one unfixed aisle allows for ideal use of valuable commercial, administrative spaces, etc. Mobile systems optimize the available space. By removing fixed aisles and mobilizing the shelves, aisles are replaced by mobile shelves, and usable space is doubled.

Wardrobe Archive

Wardrobe archives are available in various models and each model is used in a specific place. These wardrobes are used in offices, factories, schools, universities, stadiums, libraries, etc. In this section, the following products are introduced:

  • Revolving Wardrobe
  • Archive Wardrobe
  • Clothes Hanger Wardrobe
  • Customized wardrobe
  • Library Wardrobe
  • Combination Lock File Cabinet
  • Locker files Cabinet


  • File holders
  • Various ladders
  • Various binders (cardboard, metal)
  • Various files
  • Accessories will be embedded upon request of customer.

Mobile Stand With Shelves

  • This unit has brake wheels to provide for easy and fast portability.
  • Available in three 60, 68 and 95 sizes, it has detachable shelves.
  • It is made of galvanized, killer coated, stainless wire to provide for strength in storing heavy items.

  • It has iron floor or multilayer wooden floor, and rubber wheels, and swivel caster back wheels.
  • Light, semi heavy and heavy shelves to storing and warehousing raw materials, foodstuffs and goods.

Drink Bottle Stand

  • With brake wheels to provide for easy and fast portability, it is made of galvanized, killer coated, painted stainless wire and profile. The number of shelves is at the option of customers.

Shopping Trolley

  • Available in 25, 50, 80, 100 and 120 liters sizes, and with specific baby place, it is made of galvanized, killer coated, stainless wire with transparent protective coating. This unit is build to provide for strength and fast and easy portability.