Overview of Caprina Company

Caprina Holding is a very well-known international business developer which has a very wide range of international activities in different fields in all over the world. Caprina has established its business in the middle-east, CIS and European countries. The great experience of Caprina in business has provided the opportunity to grow in many different fields as an expertise. The main activities of Caprina Holding are classified as Security and safety, construction, agriculture and food industry, manufacturing, tourism industry and international trading.

Caprina holding has broaden its business in various fields to provide all what you need to have at the best time, with the best quality. The mission of Caprina holding is to make a better place to have a better life for everyone. All intention of Caprina holding is declared in one statement “choose your life!”.

Caprina Holding provides the best brands of safety and security device with the best quality of service in all over the world. The provision of the best sales and after sales service is what we are proud of.

Caprina has different factories in different countries to provide the best organic vegetables and food to play an important role in the health of the people of the society. The products of Caprina is available in supermarkets and malls shelves. Health is what we care about.

Caprina is one the biggest manufacturer of Glass, Steel, Reinforced Rebar, Tiles and Granites which sales the final products to international markets. The row materials of the many famous projects in all over the world has been provided by Caprina which guarantees the best quality.