Introduction of a company

Caprina LLC is one of the most prominent exporters of wire and cable.

Throughout the year, this business is trying to provide all products needed by its customers, including importers, wholesalers, chain stores, and domestic and international food factories.

All Kind of Cable

  • Fixed Cable
  • Flexible Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Telecommunication Cable
  • Heat-resistant Cable
  • Hologen Free
  • Wires

Fixed Installation Cable

  • PVC Insulation
    1. Power Cables
    2. Control Cables
    3. Armored Cables
    4. Concentric cables
    5. Concentric and Armored cables
    6. Flat cables with protective conductor
  • XLPE Insulation
    • Power Cables
    • Armored Cables


Flexible cables

  • Light Flexible cables
  • Control Flexible cables
  • Twin Flat non sheathed cord

Telecommunication and Instrument cables

  • Aerial Telecommunication cables
  • Subscriber Telecommunication cables
  • Telephone installation cables
  • Instrument cables with PVC insulation and sheath
  • Instrument cables with PE insulation and sheath
  • Jumper wires

Naming wires:

For naming the wires and cables, the components such as insulation type, conductor’s form, conductor’s shape and … attribute the letters, which can be exactly the same as the type of wire and cable used for it.

N: Represents a softened copper wire, or, in other words, a wiring made according to German standard VDE.

Y: Insulation P.V.C is round each string.

S and Z: special wire mark

F: Soft Wire Mark

A: For wiring inside the pipes

M: is a moisture-resistant wire

Power Cable

  • Power cables for energy supply can be installed in underground in water , indoors ,in cable ducts , power stations ,for industry and distribution boards as well as in subscriber networks ,where mechanical damages are not to be expected.

For industrial and wiring purposes, usable in the open ,in dry ,damp and wet environments in the open and concealed, as well as in masonry and in beton ,not suitable for imbedding in solidified or compressed-concrete. Outdoor usage is only possible, as long as the cable is protected against direct sunlight


Control Cable

  • As control and connecting cable in machines , conveyor belts ,production lines ,machine tool industries , progressive assembly lines , automatic handling apparatus for medium mechanical stress and for fixed installation but not suitable for open air.
  • Flexible Control CableUsed as control and connecting cable in machines ,conveyor belts ,production lines ,machine tool industries ,progressive assembly lines ,automatic handling apparatus for medium mechanical stress.

Telephone cable for building and internal usage

These cables are used for telephone and signal transmission for permanent laying on or under plaster, outdoor on walls, and in Main Distribution Frame ( MDF ) systems.

Laying underground is not permissible.


Telecommunication subscriber cables

In telecommunication installation outdoors & as connecting cables in local networks. these subscriber connecting cables are suitable for direct burrial and in cable ducts.

For fire and hazardous areas, the installation without enough protective precaution, is not permitted.


Telephone – installation cable

installation cables are preferably used as telephone cables in telephone stations and sub-extensions , suitable for installation in dry and damp environments as well as in the open air for fixed installation on outer walls of build mgs. Laying underground is not permissible.

Instrumentation cable, pair screened

Instrumentation cables are used in data processing and process control The individual screening of the pairs guarantee high cross-talk attenuation.

The electro static screen protect the screened pairs against outer electro static interference fields

Jumper wires

Jumper wires are used for wiring to the switchboards, amplifiers and dial intercommunicating systems, measuring instruments and data processing appends etc.

These wires are not permitted to apply as insulation for high power ratings.

Heat resistance flexible cables


Therm cables are ideal for use in machines, appliances or motors which are subject to direct contact with high temperatures.

High frequency coaxial cable

Coaxial cables are used in high frequency transmission, especially transmitters and receivers , computers, radio and TV transmissions.

The varied mechanical, thermal and electronic properties of coaxial cables mean that they can be used up into the GHz

Building and earth wires

These insulated wires are suitable for laying in tubes, under and surface mounting of plasters , in closed installation conduits and in electrical panels and devices.

Direct laying in plaster is not permitted.

Fire resisting ,halogen free & flame retardant power cables

Where in case of fire human life and material assets are to be protected and a safety consciousness take a special significance. e.g. in industrial complexes, public buildings, hotels, airports, under ground railway networks, hospitals.